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Young People




 “I just want to thank you and Dreadnought very  very  much for your help and support! Everything is still going very well. Thanks to you and I am very grateful. I need you to know how much this helped me and I don’t think I would have come this far without your help”.

“it’s not like any other counselling session- you just click with the person you’re working with, and it’s fun”

I wrote this letter to thank you for everything that you have done for me and helped me with. If I didn’t have someone like you to talk to god knows what state I’ll be in now. I know that wherever I go I’m always going to fall out with people but that’s life. You’ve taught me so many things like putting myself first in some situations and having to be selfish sometimes but not all the time. I’ll always remember the acronym RICHARD (realising imperfections can help all relationships develop) because it means a lot from my past experiences with friendships and I’ll make sure that nothing like them happens again. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I will never forget this or you, I couldn’t thank you enough for helping me with everything, I’d recommend Dreadnought to a lot of people that maybe are in need of help or someone to talk to. With today being my last session, it does sadden me quite a lot to say goodbye. Thank you so much, I appreciate everything and I am extremely grateful.

Thank you so much, you don’t know how grateful I am you have supported me in every way possible. I will miss Dreadnought a lot but I will always remember the kindness for everyone.

I would like to have more sessions if possible because it has helped me to channel my aggression and I just try to get better and I think it would be silly to give it up now.

We asked a young person if they would recommend Dreadnought to their friends- the reply was:- “YES I would, I finally got help”.

When I agreed to sessions with you-Dreadnought-I did not realise how much I would get out of them. I have told you everything-more than I ever told anyone else before. You never told me I was wrong to be doing what I was and totally accepted me just as I am. I am sad that today is our last session but understand that you can go on to help someone else now like you did with me.

Its been a different relationship with mum as she is proud of me attending Dreadnought.

I first went to the Dreadnought Centre when I was about 14. At the time it was simply a case of just going, having fun, chatting to people and learning to build relationships (I also have Aspergers.) Now I realize that behind the scenes was the basic building blocks of learning to deal with people, society and life in general.                                 
At this current time I am now 23 years old have finished my bachelor’s degree and am now in full time employment. I am sure that with out the Dreadnought project I would have been to isolated to deal with the problems that were affecting my whole family at the time.

I owe the staff, the volunteers and the young people around me a debt of thanks for with out there input  I would have been lost with out them.

I think attending Dreadnought has made a positive difference to my life, my family, my friends and myself.

” It was fun but serious at the same time with the costumes, I loved all of the drama”.

“The script and the words used made it feel like a proper courtroom.”

“I thought how they put this together was really good.”

“I found out how serious a courtroom is and it was a good idea to show us what can happen”.

“I liked how we all got to dress up.”

Dreadnought is the only place where I am listened to and can express how I feel and what I need and want to happen. “Dreadnought is a peaceful place where I can have time to myself and think”.

“It was really good because it teaches us about law and doing something bad can lead us to court and prison”.

I feel a lot more confident in myself I know how to control myself a lot better than I used to be able to  but still have an odd moment.

“I like this group because it gives you a chance to have some piece and quite. I hope I can come again”.

It is very difficult to put into words the influence Aspires has had upon my life. As a teenager growing up with Asperger’s Syndrome, I often found the world too challenging to comprehend yet alone understand. To me, life was effectively a minefield, which on several occasions, caused episodes of great anxiety and stress. I often found hitting the right social cues, adopting the appropriate body language and negotiating the various pitfalls of teenage emotions a difficult art to master, however, thanks to the wonderful support from my family, the staff and volunteers of Dreadnought’s Aspires group, I now have a much stronger grasp of understanding the art of leading a happy and successful life. I have numerous fond memories of attending Aspires, interacting and learning with volunteers and the fellow young people alike. I give much credit to Aspires for helping me develop my social skills, self-esteem and ultimately, a sense of who I am.  Aspires came at an important moment in my life and without it, I struggle to comprehend where I would be today. To this day then, I am incredibly grateful for the amazing support offered by the volunteers and staff at the time of my attendance. I also sincerely hope that such work can benefit more young people with autism in the future.

Thanks to Aspires, I have achieved much in my life. After attending as a young person at the Dreadnought Centre, for the last three years I have volunteered for the charity which has inspired me to work with young people as a potential career. From 2011, I have been employed by the charity Brandon Trust as a support worker, supporting adults with mild and severe additional needs in the community. Currently, after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a 2:1 BA Single Honours Degree in History, I am now studying a post-graduate course in Youth and Community Work at the University of St Marks and Johns.

The group is famdabidozy. I like singing and playing music. I like being in the group because we can express our feelings and tell stories”.

I went to Aspires when I was 13 and left when I was 15 in that 2 years Aspires helped me so much with everything, they helped me with my confidence the most and helped me with friendships and life skills. when I left Aspires I always carry what Aspires has said to me in the back of my mind with everything I do, I now work as an IT technician at Pool Academy, I also went to Thailand all by myself and I volunteer as a worker now, lets say it’s a thank you for everything Aspires did for me, happy 10 years to Aspires and I sincerely hope they carry on for many many more years. Thank you Aspires for everything.

















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